Effective Sales Workshop

Companies today need to redesign business development models and equip sales teams (Field sales executives, indoor sales, telesales, customer service front line) with new, innovative and advanced business development knowledge and skills.

Who for/Required Level

All professionals that wish to improve their Business Development skills

  • Implement a targeted analysis approach in order to identify their new prospects
  • Implement the six step model of Growing the business with Existing Clients  / High Potential Clients  (HPC)
  • Apply relevant Tools and Techniques to maximize results in business intelligence and clients analysis
  • Create , identify, explore and assess the possible needs of the prospect  through meetings (field sales)  or telephone conversation ( telesales and indoor )
  • Develop the detailed  Action Plan which will lead to the business development
  • Avoid mistakes like ‘Mass approaching of unqualified companies’ and ‘Clients Myopia’ (Ignoring companies who should be targeted)
  • Define and Monitor Business Development KPIs as per each targeted prospect
  • Prepare and Plan the negotiation effectively and overcome objections
  • Simply close the deal
    • Learn to think like your client
    • Be an Active Listener
    • Use the right Questions
    • Build clients relationship strategy using Personality Types theory and tools (DISC Behavioral Profiling)


The Training Method is Workshop. The philosophy is to ‘Learn by doing’, using Experiential Learning Techniques. Each participant will have to apply all the modules in practice in individual and group exercises and role plays.