Managing people and Performance for Success: A Competency Based Approach for Managers 

“‘Our People are our Greatest Assets’”


In today’s competitive business world and fluctuating economy, Senior Managers, Managers and Supervisors need to develop new competencies on how to manage the performance of their team members and to develop them and also acquire new skills to help them lead, train and coach employees effectively.

This practical and hands-on workshop aims to enhance Performance Management and People Development Skills to the managerial staff, aiming to increase efficiency of employees in the workplace using Management by Objectives Techniques and Tools (KPIs / KRIs / Competency Frameworks in practice), People Development Techniques, like Coaching and On-the-Job Training, Motivation and Creative Thinking. Managers will also be able to use a variety of techniques to motivate their team members, track their performance, manage performance improvement and reward high performance.

Who should attend?

This workshop is for all managerial staff and executives who manage and develop other people in their everyday practice and are accountable for their performance and results

By the end of the workshop the participants will be able to:

  • Align Performance Management with the Organization’s Strategic Goals and Objectives
  • Understand the role and responsibilities of the ‘People & Performance’ Manager
  • Understand in depth and use effectively the concept of ‘Competencies’
  • Understand and apply Objective Driven Management Concepts and Metrics (Key Performance Indicators etc.)
  • Manage performance to improve results

The Training Method is Workshop. The philosophy is to ‘Learn by doing’, using Experiential Learning Techniques. Each participant will have to apply all the modules in practice in individual and group exercises and role-plays.

Workshop Outline
  • Introduction to People and Performance Management principles
  • Using Competencies Effectively in People and Performance Management
  • Linking Performance Management System with Training and Development Initiatives
  • Being ‘People’ Managers, not only ‘Technical’ Managers
  • Managing performance
  • Training and Development Needs Analysis
  • Coaching Techniques for managers
  • On the Job Training Techniques for managers