Public Relations Workshop and Certification Preparation – LCCI Level 3

The public relations course will give participants a solid background of the core activities found in both public relations consultancies and in-house departments. The candidates should be familiar with modern communications techniques and how such techniques can help in the efficient operation/management.

By the end of this workshop participants are expected to be able to:

  • Understand the profession of public relations
  • Appreciate the role of public relations within an organization
  • Recognize the role of public relations consultancy
  • Specify the strategic role of public relations in the management of communications throughout an organization
  • Explain the uses of different types of media, production and event organizing
  • Plan, carry out and evaluate different public relations activities
  • Understand the management and employee relationship
  • Identify and explain examples of public relations in action

This preparation program will lead participants to acquire Level 3 certification in Public Relations of LCCI®/EDI® (