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Deputy Manager in Ground Operations, Larnaca – DMGO/7/19

Our client, a well-established company which operates in the Aviation industry is looking to employ an experienced professional

Position’s Duties and Responsibilities

  • Overall management, supervision and responsibility for the performance of ground handling functions and activities (to include Passenger, Baggage, Cargo and Aircraft handling), at Larnaca Airport.
  • To supervise, control and administer the Ground Operations and handling Staff.
  • To be responsible for auditing and monitoring the performance of Ground Operations and handling activities of all Stations, and establish compliance with applicable regulations, standards and best practices, to ensure the safety and security of ground handling operations.
  • To disseminate information to outstations and supply them with the appropriate customer service procedures and guidelines, and provide them with supplies required for the Company’s aircraft;
  • To ensure that staff are familiar with Company instructions/procedures;
  • To liaise with airport authorities, Civil Aviation Authorities and Government Departments on Ground Handling matters concerning the Company;
  • To deal with personnel matters (supervision, administration, control, training, coaching, motivation, evaluation) and look after their welfare maintain discipline and good order amongst the employees of the section.
  • To administer all Ground Operations and handling manuals/documents and ensure these remain updated and in accordance with applicable regulations, standards and company´s policies.
  • To ensure implementation of and follow-up of ground handling and service level agreements, and any other regulatory requirements, company standards and procedures.
  • To Update all necessary procedures and methods for the efficient and economic function of the Department;
  • To prepare and issue weekly roster as well as roster changes with the provisions of the Collective agreement, the Company’s administrative and other relevant rules and regulations;
  • To support the Ground Operations manager in the preparation of the budget of Ground Operations & Cargo Departments and design development and implementation of training plans and programs.
  • Represent the company to the AOC Committee (in the absence of the nominate person).
  • Follow up of IATA resolutions and other publications related to the ground handling agreements, hotel accommodation, meals and surface transport to interline passengers and on other related matters.
  • To follow up IATA resolutions and passenger rights provisions related to Hotel Accommodation, meals and surface transport to interline passengers and other related matters.
  • To prepare, maintain and release statistical and other data information to the Ground Operations Manager and report on any Station operationally relevant issues.
  • To ensure that a high standard of competence is maintained at all times by the Ground Operations/Handling staff and that they are kept informed of rules, regulations, agreements etc pertaining to the execution of their duties.
  • Responsible for organizing, coordinating, supervising the work of the Ground Operations & Cargo personnel in relation to the level of customer services.
  • To ensure that passenger reception, escort and check-in, are performed properly and promptly in accordance with relevant rules and regulations.
  • To provide to operating crews any assistance, support and cooperation needed to facilitate their tasks in order to contribute towards punctuality of flights.
  • To ensure the implementation of ground handling and service level agreement provisions and any regulatory requirements.
  • To cooperate with any airport entities, government, public services in support of the operations during his/her shift.
  • To ensure that all Security precautions are in place for protecting the company its personnel and customers for any act of unlawful interference.
  • To identify, plan, organize and carry-out in-house and/or external training in the areas of ground operations and handling services;
  • To develop and organize training programs for new staff, to include initial and recurrent/refresher training as applicable;
  • To develop and maintain an annual training plan and to ensure that the training curriculum specifies minimum training hours for each subject area and indicate also whether it has been mandated by the company or regulatory requirements.
  • To be responsible for the coordination of the individual trainers;
  • To ensure that course materials and content of training programs are regularly reviewed and updated to remain relevant;
  • providing the knowledge necessary to perform duties, execute procedures and operate equipment associated with specific functions and responsibilities of ground operations and handling personnel;
  • To conduct testing or evaluation of the trainees as applicable to the type of training and by appropriate means as dictated by the syllabus, to ensure they can demonstrate adequate knowledge, competency or proficiency to perform duties, execute procedures or operate equipment.
  • Upon completion of required training by personnel to produce and maintain and store training records, and monitor currency of each employee as appropriate.
  • To Ensure proper supervision and monitoring of all functions and activities within the scope of ground operations and handling in accordance with the Company`s operational standards, instructions, procedures and practices leading to the most efficient, safe and cost-effective operation of the Company.
  • To Report to the Ground Operations Manager any problems and/or delay reasons, and provide feedback for communication purposes.
  • Implementation of quality, safety and security standards on the terminal and ramp areas, in accordance with the company´s procedures, regulatory requirements and operational demands.

Position’s Requirements

  • University Degree or Diploma or other equivalent qualification in an appropriate subject;
  • At least 5 years experience in Ground Operations, Aircraft Handling and Cargo loading activities;
  • Strong leadership, administrative and organizing abilities;
  • Have excellent computer skills;
  • Have excellent command of the Greek and English languages;
  • Have a strong personality, high level analytical skills, excellent communication skills, initiative, sound judgment and self-motivation.