Let’s create your company’s Learning and Development online environment to enable your people to learn, develop and grow.

We have the technology and know-how to help you create an efficient and low-cost Learning and Development environment, supporting your people’s learning needs via predefined learning plans or on-demand.

eLearning by itself or in combination with face-to-face classroom training (i.e. Blended Learning) is the most effective learning method, empowering your people to adopt a lifelong learning approach and contributing actively to the company vision and strategy.

In brief, eLearning:

  • Leads to more engaged and satisfied employees
  • Increases the knowledge retention rate by 25%-60%
  • Reduces cost and increases ROI of training
  • Requires 40%-60% less time than traditional classroom-based learning
  • Enables much faster delivery, as employees can access eLearning material whenever and wherever they choose, setting their own pace and training whenever they have spare time
  • Provides employees with an incredible opportunity to engage in training courses at any convenient time

We help by providing:

  • High value, low-cost LMS (Learning Management Systems) e-learning platforms, cloud or hosted Learning Management Solutions (LMS) that create an effective learning environment where your employees can grow and develop
  • High quality and fully interactive e-learning material with narrated video presentations and demonstrations
  • Interactive elements like animated videos
  • Engaging activities and learning scenarios
  • Gamification
  • Quizzes that enable real-time feedback