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Locii Solutions specialises in the development and implementation of custom made business intelligence solutions using the latest Microsoft technologies.
Our experienced team can assist you to leverage the power of your data and improve the quality and effectiveness of your decision making process.
Irrespective of the industry you operate in, our team can assist you in accessing fast all your data, reducing your reporting cycles and gaining valuable insights.

We are pleased to announce the findings of our  Human Asset Salary Survey 2019.

Survey Scope: The scope of this survey was to capture and present Remuneration and Benefits package of professionals holding specific positions in the Cyprus Market. Consequently, this  survey aims to help the companies revise and re-design their compensation and benefits strategy and create or enhance their competitive advantage in retaining their members and attracting the right professionals from the market.

Survey Methodology:  The Survey was conducted based on primary research methodology, where targeted companies were invited to provide us with their remuneration and benefits data. Participating companies were requested to record their job holders’ demographics, remuneration and benefits data following a specific methodology of position matching, as per the Job Family and Positions Guide developed especially for this survey.

Findings: Findings can be  explored through our Human Asset Salary Survey           on- line platform, a Business Intelligence Solution especially designed for the purpose of this survey  in order to enable the users to interact and conduct their customised criteria based search requests.